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Sustainable Building

Being a sustainable builder means more than constructing an efficient home. At Crosspointe Homes, sustainability is not an afterthought, it is a cornerstone of our company. We integrate eco-friendly materials and practices into each home we build, without compromising style. The outcome is a healthy, comfortable home that uses fewer resources and minimizes impact on the environment.

Intentional Design & Building Practices

Efficient design and building practices are part of our comprehensive standards. From the arrangement and size of rooms to the ratio of glass to wall, our designs make a difference. In the same way, advanced building methods make a difference. We use new building techniques that silently add to the sustainability and efficiency of the home. Our homes blend the best of functionality and efficiency.

Reduced Cost of Ownership

We are dedicated to minimizing the impact on our environment and increasing the benefits of homeownership. Highly efficient, high-performance homes have lower utility costs and less maintenance. Our comprehensive methods utilize systems that work in harmony, improving the durability of a home’s individual components and the overall performance of the systems. For even greater benefits, we offer home buyers progressive options beyond our standard energy-saving features.  

A Healthy Home

The health and comfort of your home depends on the choices made to improve air quality, water quality and efficiency, as well as reduce noise and light pollution. We reduce harmful chemicals in your home by using materials that limit pollutants like volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and toxic compounds. We incorporate systems that improve air circulation and fresh air ventilation. We reduce excess noise with low sone fans and optional sound insulation and even utilize exterior lighting designed to reduce excessive, misdirected light which contributes to light pollution.

Reducing the Environmental Impact

Reducing the overall environmental impact throughout a home’s life begins even before construction. Starting with initial site design, home plans, material selection, building processes, and continuing through homeowner options, we take extra measures to build better. We want to protect and conserve resources throughout the building process and during the life of the home.

     With Crosspointe Homes, you don’t have to decide whether green building means greater savings to you or greater stewardship of the environment.  Our intentional approach to sustainability provides measurably improved energy efficiency which results in both. And you don’t have to just take our word for it, each home is individually third-party tested, verified and ecoSelect certified. Certification includes an individualized ecoSelect Performance Label, rating report with energy costs, efficiency features, and HERS rating, which is like a “miles-per-gallon” energy rating for the home. We continue to research and improve our materials and methods in this important area to add value to our homes and make tomorrow better for the next generation.

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